Camps 2 Cities Project

This one-day workshop aimed to bridge civil society practitioners, researchers and activists working with and for refugees across Europe. The focus of the workshop was around the transformations and transitions experienced by the humanitarian and civil society sector over the past five years. Specifically, these sectors have had to overcome, defend and navigate highly politicised terrain in order to save and better lives, and we are interested in exploring the ways in which we can build solidarity across civil networks and nation-borders in the name of humane migration policy and in-country attitudes.

We invite practitioners from Paris, Budapest, Athens and Berlin to join us for this workshop, to speak through the practical and daily struggles and challenges in each place, particularly around the criminalisation of the civil sphere and the simultaneous retreat of the welfare state and government aid. We hope the workshop opened up and will help sustain cross-city/border dialogues and collaborations on refugee care, solidarity, and integration.